Sütiket használunk a tartalmak és hirdetések személyre szabásához, közösségi funkciók biztosításához, valamint weboldalforgalmunk elemzéséhez. Ezenkívül közösségi média-, hirdető- és elemező partnereinkkel megosztjuk az Ön weboldalhasználatra vonatkozó adatait, akik kombinálhatják az adatokat más olyan adatokkal, amelyeket Ön adott meg számukra vagy az Ön által használt más szolgáltatásokból gyűjtöttek. A weboldalon való böngészés folytatásával Ön hozzájárul a sütik használatához.

How to order / Shipping


For our MONDAY roasting you need to place your order before 18.00 on Sunday.

(Orders we receive later will be shifted to next roasting week.)

We reserve the rights that the package design may differ from the displayed product image.


Payment options

You can choose to pay by card, via bank transfer or complete your payment on delivery (you will need to settle the price of your order and the delivery fee as well with the carrier).

Our deliveries are handled by  courier service. You will be notified of the expected delivery time during checkout and in the order confirmation email. You can call the courier service by the phone number in the received email for further confirmation or adjustment.

Domestic orders
Delivery option: Courier
Delivery time: roasting day + 4 workdays
Delivery fee: If the gross price of selected items exceeds 15.000 HUF the delivery is FREE OF CHARGE. Otherwise 1990 HUF

Orders in the EU:

Delivery option: GLS Courier
Delivery time: roasting day + 5 workdays
Delivery fee: If the gross price of selected items exceeds 100 EUR the delivery is FREE OF CHARGE. Otherwise 16 EUR
Delivery countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Germany, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia

Choosing your products

Orders may be placed from the products listed in the webshop. By clicking on an item you can read more about it on its description page. This is also where the Add to Cart button can be found. Clicking it will place the selected item into your virtual shopping cart. Choose the View Cart button to verify your selected items and their quantity, and modify them if needed. You can also check the individual prices and the expected total amount here.

Placing your order

Once you are satisfied with your cart’s content and are ready to place your order, simply click the Go to Checkout button. During checkout you can choose to log in, register as a new customer or continue as a guest customer without registering.
If you register as a new customer we will need you to fill out a form with a few necessary data needed for shopping. This way during your next visit all you’ll need are your registered email and password. If you choose to continue as a guest customer we will need your delivery and billing addresses.
In the next step please choose your preferred delivery and payment methods (cash on delivery, bank card, bank transfer, PayPal, cash). Once you are content with the contents of your shopping cart and your chosen options, please click the Order button.

The prices indicated on the webshop’s listing page are the updated, currently accurate prices. These are the gross prices, including VAT. Shipping prices are calculated separately during the checkout process. You can also find our current delivery fees in the Terms and Conditions section.
We reserve the right to correct any and all possible mislabeling concerning product information or prices. We inform our customers immediately if such correction was necessary. After the changes have been made the customers will need to reaffirm or cancel their order. Both parties have the right to withdraw from the contract.

Order processing
The orders are processed within 24 hours.

Correcting order information
You can change any information given during your shopping before clicking the final Order button. To modify a sent order please contact us via email or fax.

Order confirmation

We send a confirmation email after every received order. Our customers will receive an automatic confirmation email after they completed the order process, and one later after their order was processed with the expected delivery date. For further confirmation, correction please call the phone numbers included in these emails.

Cancellation of service

If an ordered item or service becomes unavailable the webshop must notify the customer. Our webshop does not serve minor customers. By registering the customer declares that they are at least 18 years of age.

Return policy
We only accept returned items in their original package, their contents intact and unchanged.

Szerződéskötés feltételeire vonatkozó tájékoztatás
A szerződéskötés nyelve magyar, a megkötött szerződés írásban megkötöttnek minősül/ nem minősül annak. A megkötött szerződést iktatják/nem iktatják, utólag hozzáférhető lesz/nem lesz hozzáférhető.

Right of withdrawal/Return guarantee
The customer may withdraw from the contract without justification within 8 workdays after receiving their parcel. The seller then has to refund the whole sale price within a maximum of 30 days after the withdrawal was affirmed.
The cost of returning the items rests on the customer. Damaged or non resellable products cannot be returned using the withdrawal process if their state comes from carelessness or were purposefully damaged. The seller may also ask for compensation if the damage of the returned products are from unintended usage.
If upon delivery the opened package contains damaged products the option to withdraw from the purchase will be presented immediately. For this the package must be opened in the presence of the deliveryman and a handover-acceptance report must be recorded about all damage or possibly missing items! We cannot be held responsible for any further damage or misplaced items. For further information check the 17/1999 edict found on the webpage of the Hungarian Authority for Consumer Protection (Nemzeti Fogyasztóvédelmi Hatóság).
Ownership clause
The ordered items remain in the possession of the deliverer until the purchase price has been paid in full. In the case of mistaken or unwanted products, the items in question will be taken into inventory under the name of their new owner. After their successful resale the aforementioned owner will be compensated.

Changing or cancelling an order

In accordance to law CVIII. from 2001 a webshop must send a confirmation email about all received orders. This email does not count as a contract between seller and customer. It is only a sign that the webshop has registered the order and sent it for procession to one of our colleagues.

If a customer does not receive a confirmation email within 48 hours of the ordering, the purchase offer of the customer is void.
A customer may revoke their purchase through electrical means prior the fulfillment of the order. Once the second confirmatory email is sent, containing the record of the fulfilled order and expected delivery time, cancellation is only available in person. Find contact information under Customer Service or Contacts.

To modify a sent order please contact us via email or fax.

Contact and Legal information

Company name: Discovery Bliss Kft.
Registered Office: 2141 Csömör Csalogány u 27.
Tax identification number: 12903388-2-13
Registered Business Number: 01-09-197395
Email: info@beanlight.hu
Telephone: +36 20 281 9848